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How to reduce the footprint of agriculture on natural forests? Can agro-ecology be applied to agricultural production systems in forest landscapes and improve their performance and sustainability? The Forecast project aims to produce analytical tools and educational resources for a better understanding of agricultural systems in forest landscapes, through analysis, modelling and comparisons.


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A comprehensive comparative analysis of agricultural production systems in forest landscapes will identify the most sustainable farming practices and help in the development of technical proposals to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture while improving technical, economic and social performances. The goal of Forecast project is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to implement such a comparative analysis.

Activities planed:

The project will develop an online platform on agroecology in forest landscapes. Users will find educational resources, analytical and modeling tools, and a database of case studies of forested social-ecological systems (SES) allowing comparative analysis of the impacts and performances of agricultural practices.

Expected results:

  • An online platform on agro-ecology in forest landscapes;
  • Educational resources and analytical tools gathered on this platform and available for free;
  • New educational resources to supplement the existing;
  • An analytical and modeling tool to assess the technical, economic, social and ecological performances of agricultural practices and forested SES;
  • A case study database of forested SES.


The modeling tools and the database developed in the project will be valued by a second project to conduct a systematic meta-analysis of agriculture in forest landscapes in tropical, Mediterranean and European regions. Innovations will be co-built with stakeholders (farmers and others), involving national agencies and local organizations to ensure their promotion and implementation.

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